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Smart Sales, LLC is For Sale

For Reasons of Health, we have closed the business and are no longer building our great little trailer.

This is a simple and profitable niche business.
It is ideal for an RV owner living within a reasonable distance of Gainesville, FL. The vast majority of the business has been conducted on the internet and email.

If you can maintain a website, this is the business for you.

Priced Nicely
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The Smart Trailer USA was designed by a graduate mechanical engineer and is built by a D.O.T. licensed trailer manufacturing company under exclusive contract to Smart Sales, LLC. All models are designed in accordance with accepted US automotive trailer design standards for towing behind large motorhomes, including the ability to be backed up while hitched to the tow vehicle.

Smart Sales, LLC, is the owner of the Smart Trailer USA name and logo, the Smart Trailer USA design, the Smart Trailer USA trademark and this website.

Made in the USA


Thanks for all your support over the last 5-1/2 years!  We have met many nice folks who love the Smart Trailer USA.

Richard and Heidi Hill
Owners of Smart Sales, LLC
Heidi and Richard 


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